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     Premium SMS Gateway Provider providing connectivity solutions for:

     - SMS / MMS / WAP / Premium VAS and Voice Services

     - Premium SMS connectivity to more than 250 network operators in 72+ countries.

     - Mobile Internet Billing / Direct Operator Billing in several countries

Various connection protocols supported:

 HTTP / HTTPS / XML / SMS 2 e-mail / e-mail 2 SMS
 UCP (EMI) / CIMD2 / SMPP V 3.4

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  • Premium SMS Connectivity in 72+ countries, covering more than 250 network operators through a single API.

    New support for Malaysia, Indonesia and Israel.

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  • New support for South Africa, UAE (United Arab Emirates) as well as 18 LATAM (Latin America) countries.

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Support / Help for SMTP SMS import interface

-> Help section
-> Using HTTP / HTTPS standard interface
-> Using HTTP / HTTPS XML interface
-> Using SMTP interface
-> Using SMTP direct addressing interface
-> Bulk SMS delivery reports
-> Track remaining account credits using HTTP / HTTPS

-> Please note that this section does not list integration documents for Premium SMS or IVR billing services. These documents are provided to contractual clients only.


Using SMTP import interface

Bulk SMS MT Submission from client

In order to transmit delivery requests, you have to send your e-Mails to:


    -> If you have an outgoing SPAM-Filter or other outgoing rulesets in your cooperation, please consult your IT in order to whitelist this destination address.

    -> All mails to shall be sent in text mode only.

Example SMS transmission to two recipients

Subject: any
0041799912388 This is the first test message
0041799912399 This is the second test message

Example transmission with additional parameters

Subject: any
0041799912388 1st flashing SMS from MyOrigin
0041799912399 2nd non-flashing from MyOrigin
0041799912377 3rd non-flashing from MyOrigin
0041799912366 4th flashing from MyName
0041799912355 5th flashing from Theirname

Mandatory parameters

    (Your account name)
    Example: MyAccount

    (Your account password)
    Example: MyPassword

  • At least 1 line with recipient and text
    Example: 004179123456 This is a simple e-mail to SMS

Optional parameters

    (Sender ID, numeric with optional + sign or alphanumeric ID of up to 11 characters)
    Example: +41791234567
    Example: MyownID

    If this parameter is passed, the SMS will appear directly as a paging alert on the mobile phone (the exact presentation depends on the make/model of the receiving phone).

    All SMS sent after FLASH=ON was specified will be sent as flashing SMS, until the parameter is turned off by FLASH=OFF.

E-Mail Response

  • E-Mail confirmation
    Upon processing your e-mail, the gateway will send you a summary of how many messages have been sent and how many have failed.
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