premium mobile messaging provider

     Premium SMS Gateway Provider providing connectivity solutions for:

     - SMS / MMS / WAP / Premium VAS and Voice Services

     - Premium SMS connectivity to more than 250 network operators in 72+ countries.

     - Mobile Internet Billing / Direct Operator Billing in several countries

Various connection protocols supported:

 HTTP / HTTPS / XML / SMS 2 e-mail / e-mail 2 SMS
 UCP (EMI) / CIMD2 / SMPP V 3.4

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SMS Gateway Provider
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Recent news
  • Premium SMS Connectivity in 72+ countries, covering more than 250 network operators through a single API.

    New support for Malaysia, Indonesia and Israel.

    Premium SMS
  • New support for South Africa, UAE (United Arab Emirates) as well as 18 LATAM (Latin America) countries.

    Coverage list
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Bulk SMS Gateway (Worldwide)

Bulk SMS connectivity

-> See supported networks list

-> Worldwide connectivity
  • 550+ network operators

  • High capacity (we deliver millions of SMS every month)

  • High quality (redundant direct connections to multiple network operators worldwide)

  • Delivery notifications, alphanumeric origin, number portability support, concatenated messages, WAPPush, ..

  • Industry standard connection protocols (HTTP, XML, SMPP, UCP / EMI, CIMD2, TCP, LAPI, SMTP, SOAP) or any customised protocol

  • Real-time web based statistics

  • 24/7 technical support (our technical support is at your disposal 24/7/365 to solve any technical issues that our clients can stumble on)
-> Self service accounts
  • With a self service account you are able to instantly use the following protocols:


    If you wish to use any other protocol, such as UCP/EMI or SMPP please contact us, as your account will need to be provisioned by us.

  • Self service accounts allow you to send messages directly from:

    -> the administration section
    -> via HTTP / HTTPS / XML access
    -> via e-Mail (SMTP) importer interface
    -> via e-Mail (SMTP) direct addressing interface (eg

    If you wish to use the e-Mail direct addressing interface, please contact us to provision it according your requirements.



Bulk SMS pricing for pre paid accounts (credits do not expire)

Credits table for pre paid account holders

Small Volumes
150 SMS (0.160/credit) = 24.00 CHF
300 SMS (0.160/credit) = 48.00 CHF
500 SMS (0.160/credit) = 80.00 CHF

Standard Volumes
1000 SMS (0.100/credit) = 100.00 CHF
2000 SMS (0.100/credit) = 200.00 CHF
5000 SMS (0.100/credit) = 500.00 CHF
7500 SMS (0.100/credit) = 750.00 CHF

Corporate Volumes
10000 SMS (0.090/credit) = 900.00 CHF
20000 SMS (0.090/credit) = 1800.00 CHF

Medium Volumes
50000 SMS (0.075/credit) = 3750.00 CHF
100000 SMS (0.075/credit) = 7500.00 CHF

High Volumes
500000 SMS (0.065/credit) = 32500.00 CHF
750000 SMS (0.065/credit) = 48750.00 CHF

Lowest-Price Volumes
1000000 SMS (0.060/credit) = 60000.00 CHF

-> If you are a cooperation and your traffic exceeds 10'000 SMS per month, you may request to convert your account to a post paid account.

The prices above are valid for pre paid accounts with no minimum monthly traffic requirements. If you are sending more than 100'000 SMS per month, you may contact us to negotiate a special pricing.

-> Certain networks are subject to a IWT (Inter Working Termination) fee. Please consult our network coverage list for the exact amount of credits required per destination network.




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